Fun with Printful’s All Over Print

You can find some products here on Bolter Designs that uses all over print, but did you know that you too can have fun with printful’s all over print and design and sell your own collections?

Printful has a lot of fun products that you can create your own designs and products with. One of the options available is All Over Print. There are currently 71 products available for you to create your own collections of clothing and accessories.  These include leggings, beanies, shorts, tote bags, athletic wear and more. Bolter Designs has a few items which uses All Over Print.

No over production!

When you create an item that is All Over Print they are manufactured at the time of order. This makes it nice because you will not find an issue with over production.

All Over Print is printed onto special sublimation printing paper and is transferred onto your designs to fabric by using a heat press machine. After this  is printed on the material it is sewn together and your product is created and ready to ship out to your customer.

With all over print being available in 70+ items in 15 categories you can create your collections. You can have matching leggings, athletic tops, swim wear, athletic wear, shirts and accessories.



When you create your own all over print products you can use your own designs by uploading your images. But keep in mind you should follow the size guidelines to ensure your item will print out the way that you are wanting it to. You can also use Printful’s design maker to create your products.

Within the design maker you can find video tutorials, options to upload your image, add text, use printful’s clip art and quick designs and premium images. There are also print file templates that are available for you to download and use to create your images for the products you are designing. When using these make sure you remove the layer with guides or they might show up on your product. Whoops that would be no fun. ?


Now that you have created your own products, you can order samples of that product so that you can see first hand how they turn out. Seeing and touching your product can help you when you are sharing, promoting and selling your products.


One of the things that I love about  Printful is that when you create your own collections you can download mock photos which show your items on models. These can be used on your shop and you can also use them when sharing on social media about your products when you share the link to the item.  This image is an example of a  mock up photo, this photo is one for some of the leggings that I have created and is available on my shop.




You can showcase your brand by adding your logo to products. The all over print products do not have any other branding on them. What is great about that is you are not sharing the spotlight with other brands.


One of the great benefits of selling your designs is that your products are manufactured by the printing company only when an order is placed. This is nice because you do not have to worry about any over production issues. There are fulfillment centers all over the world and each one goes through a 3 step quality control process to make sure your product is meeting their standards of a good product.

Check out this fun video on how to create all over print products.

Printful’s All Over Print

Here is some info on just a few of the items that are available:

  • All Over Print Women’s Crew Neck T Shirt – Make your boldest design dreams a reality with this premium quality All-Over Print Women’s Crew Neck T-Shirt! Made from super smooth polyester, the tee is stretchy, comfortable, and perfect for everyday wear. Get one for yourself or add it to your store now!
  • All Over Print Leggings with Pockets –  You’ve found them—the most practical pair of leggings yet. Combining a classic, high-waisted cut and two side pockets, the All-Over Print Leggings with Pockets are assembled for efficiency. A flattering cut, pockets that keep all the valuables close, and your authentic design and branding . . . they’re the full package.
  • All Over Print Sports Bra – This All-Over Print Sports Bra is made from moisture-wicking material that stays dry during low and medium intensity workouts. The shoulder straps are comfy thanks to the support material inside. The front is double-layered with a wide elastic band under the breasts to ensure constant support. Customize this item with a vibrant print and add it to your store!